The MegaCorp building is misunderstood. It makes people wary. Why is there a giant office building in the center of town with no entrance or exit? What exactly does MegaCorp do? How come no one has ever met anyone who works there? A company that builds weapons for hostile governments would have seemed more benign. The outer walls of the MegaCorp building consist of a material that is reflective like a mirror. The people stare at the walls. They do not like what they see. While they sleep, they became partially aware of MegaCorp’s role in society—to construct intestinal blankets, assign people’s reactions to unsightly images on television, mail hurtful and embarrassing packages to the suicidal and the powerful, install residues of fear into office supplies—but all is forgotten upon waking. Last summer, Danny Thomas tried to infiltrate the MegaCorp building with a compact battering ram. Last summer, the people of the town forgot who Danny Thomas was upon waking.

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